A Neat Dress for a Perfect Outfit


A beautiful dress is a convenient item that can be used for a small party or a dinner at a high-end restaurant depending on the accessories. For afternoon tea, keep it simple with modest accessories. Adding silver to the pumps adds a subtle flair to your feet. An all-in-one that is elegant yet gives you a modern look. The nuanced dull color pink beige will make you look more fashionable, and it will be useful for afternoon tea with sensitive female friends. For small items, use a clutch bag to create a special feeling.

The waist-shaped dress with a soft and flared lower body is an excellent item that covers the style of your lower body while being elegant. A nuanced color like blue-green can be worn as trendy as it is elegant. If it is a cool color system, it is attractive that even adult girls can challenge color items. We recommend wearing a long-sleeved dress for afternoon tea in the winter, with its high-quality wool that goes well with a classical atmosphere. A dress that fits the body line just right and creates a feminine and elegant atmosphere.

In winter, pay attention to the outerwear you wear outdoors. Even if you don’t wear it in the lounge, you can wear something pretty like a wool coat.a tweed dress with a gorgeous neckline bijou that does not require accessories. The texture of tweed is elegant and gorgeous, so it is perfect for afternoon tea from autumn to early spring. If you put on a crew neck cardigan, it will look like a calm young lady, but if you are in your 20s, you can layer it with a turtleneck for a girly look. Small items are added with a chain bag for a rich impression.

With the popularity of casual clothes, there are many casual outerwear items, but if you go to afternoon tea, you want to choose something pretty. A Chester coat that is just the right size is perfect for afternoon tea at a hotel. Pair with a bow-tie blouse or pleated skirt as an inner layer for an elegant look even when the coat is removed. Enjoyed in high-class locations such as luxury hotels, so it is important to choose clothes that match the atmosphere. If you wear too casual clothes while everyone around you is dressed up, you might feel embarrassed. Dress up a little more than usual to enjoy an extraordinary feeling, and enjoy delicious tea and food in a luxurious space.

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