Coordination of Warm Outfits


In areas where the cold is severe, especially in areas where the temperature is recorded below freezing, cold protection measures that are different from usual are essential. Some of you may be planning to travel to colder regions in the coming season, but in order to spend your time safely in the extreme cold, it is important to take measures against the cold must be entered.

So this time, we will pick up and introduce recommended coordination on days when the temperature is below freezing! We will introduce how to wear clothes suitable for each temperature and region, so please take a look to the end.

If the temperature is down to minus 10 degrees Celsius, make full use of layered for stylish coordination! For example, it would be a good idea to wear a coat on top of your tops and inner-wear, so that you can enjoy fashion and take measures to protect yourself from the cold.

A heat tech inner layer, a high-necked top, and a rider’s jacket layered with a collarless coat create a simple yet sophisticated look. In cold regions, the room is basically warm, so layering like this makes it convenient to put on and take off, and the point is that it is easy to adjust your body temperature. Wear skinny bottoms and long socks and sneakers to reduce exposed areas.

When the temperature drops below minus 10 degrees Celsius, your hands and feet will feel cold and painful. If you compare the degree of coldness, it’s about freezing when you wave a wet towel around. It’s freezing cold, so be sure to wear a thick coat to protect yourself from the cold.

We recommend the boa coat, which has been trending in recent years. It’s basically a loose size, so it’s also suitable for layered styles, which is one of the recommended points. Pack warm knitwear and inner-wear to protect yourself from the bitter cold.

Underneath the down jacket, of course, wear layers. Because it is very warm indoors in cold regions, it is convenient to wear fleece outerwear that you can easily take off and put on. Also, if you feel cold with only bottoms, wear tights to protect against the cold.

For example, if you wear an oversize coat, it will not look bulky no matter how much you wear it, and it will give you a stylish look. Chester coats have an open neck, so wrap a scarf or large stole around your neck to keep it warm. In addition, pants are essential for bottoms are preferable for feet in snowy regions.

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