The rapid digital development of recent years has changed the way we shop, interact and search for information. It is a development that creates new, exciting opportunities for both companies and individuals. Here are 7 strong reasons why digital marketing needs to be part of your company’s marketing strategy.

You’ve heard it before: if you’re not seen, you’re not there. A golden rule that is more relevant today than ever when large parts of the market have moved to the digital arena. Last year, 90 percent* of population (aged 16 and older) surfed the internet daily. Digitization places great demands on companies, but also opens up many new opportunities. Here we go through seven big reasons why your company needs to invest in digital marketing.

  • It is cost effective

    Marketing yourself digitally is usually a significantly cheaper investment than, for example, producing and distributing printed advertising or advertising via radio and tv. Today, you can easily market yourself through email, social media, seo (search engine optimization) and sem (search engine marketing) at a fraction of the cost of more traditional marketing channels.

    Does that mean you should scrap all previous marketing strategies? Not necessarily. But by combining a more traditional marketing tactic with digital marketing, you reach more people and get the most out of your marketing budget.
  • You reach the target group directly on the mobile phone

    Searching for information on google, hanging out on social media and making reservations and purchases online have become a well-integrated part of everyday life for people around the world. The majority of these interactions today take place via a smartphone or other mobile device. In short, your customers are online and on the go, so if you want to have a chance to interact with and solve your potential customer’s problems at the right time and in the right place, you also need to be available with the right information right where the consumer is the purchase process – online.
  • You can customize the advertising

    Most entrepreneurs dream of being able to reach out with their specific service or product to the very people who are actually interested in it. With digital marketing, you have that opportunity. You can target your digital marketing campaigns to niche audiences so that your content has a far greater chance of reaching the right people than traditional marketing methods allow.
  • It produces measurable results

    Are your investments producing the return you are looking for? With digital marketing, you can more easily monitor and evaluate your digital campaigns and strategies. Each completed campaign can provide you with useful information and statistics about your target audience’s behavior and needs. By analyzing the results, you can then refine and adjust your future strategies. In this way, you optimize your marketing budget and ensure that you only invest in things that actually produce the desired results.
  • You establish your brand

    As a company, you are your brand. A strong, positively charged brand can be the decisive factor in the success of your business. The brand conveys your values, your underlying purpose and your way of acting in different situations. A clear, honest and active digital presence increases the possibility of attracting the right people to the company. It also gives the customer the chance to rate and spread your brand and products to others. Properly managed, it can be a powerful way to increase the company’s growth and reach larger markets.
  • You can interact directly with the customer

    Marketing today is less about pure sales strategies and more about creating trust and dialogue between company and customer. With digital marketing, you don’t have to wonder what your ideal customer thinks or thinks about your service. You can ask and get answers right away! Via comment fields, social media posts and digital evaluations, you can collect invaluable information about customer reactions and wishes, while showing that you value customer feedback. This information helps you develop good relationships with your target group and to create an even better product or experience.
  • Your competitors are already doing it

    Several of your competitors have already realized the enormous advantage a good digital presence can give. They have mobile adapted and search engine optimized their web pages, created social profiles and forums where they actively and regularly engage their target audience and they run paid ads to find new leads. To help your potential customers find your business and to keep up with your competition, digital marketing is an important, if not crucial, investment.