Have you ever had a celebrity that you watched on tv over the years pass away. You may actually feel put off by this and maybe choose to watch one of its oh he was so young in this movies. You have never met this actor in real life or even spoken to them. But, their passing still has an effect on you. You’ve made a connection with this actor, through the screen, and even though it’s not mutual, it makes the whole thing more palpable.

Now, i’m not saying you need to walk the red carpet, or walk away for that matter, to make an impact. But creating content, publishing it in the right channels, doing it a lot and often, allows you to take part in that celebrity effect. This is what the entire influencer marketing is based on. Especially when they then promote a product! Become your own influencer, create your personal brand – that works too! I love digital marketing precisely because of the data you get! My analytical head kicks into gear, which isn’t always a good thing when there’s actually creation that also needs to be done.

It takes some time to look at numbers that may not matter that much right now, but are fun to look at. However, the analyzes you can do with the data you get through digital marketing are like a portal into what your target audience is looking for. It is not everything that you create that will have such a big effect. Based on your data, you can draw conclusions about how to develop your communication across all digital platforms on which you are active.

Digital marketing means that you have the whole world as an audience, but that does not mean that you have the whole world on your customer list. Based on the analytical methods you have at your disposal, it is possible to be very specific in your creation and target specific demographic groups. In a way that print media cannot achieve, more than to the local population.

Tip: if you use offline marketing, you also use data from the digital world. Is there something that has worked well there, rinse and repeat in your print to test if it works just as well there. I had a client many years ago who i helped with their website and, more specifically, with their content marketing. Their niche was in foot problems and foot health. This example is about a blog post i wrote about the foot problem hallux valgus, crooked big toe, which is one of the most common foot conditions in the western world.