Digital marketing is the leading form of marketing when it comes to getting more customers to find your business and spread its brand – if you’re not visible online, you don’t exist. Digital marketing has truly swept the marketing playing field clean. When all marketing was previously done offline then the threshold was high and decided more from a bunch of men around a table in a boardroom. The risk was greater for the small entrepreneur with the big dream. The budget requirements significantly deeper to even enter the market.

In today’s connected world, (almost) all rounds go with a small supercomputer in the trouser pocket. It has given the power to the people to decide. Now the big companies have to join the ranks. It makes it possible for even the smallest and start-up companies to fight with the big fish. In today’s times, it is the creativity behind one’s content that governs what you stand for and offer. Then it is the market that decides if it is good enough. Even though all the digital marketing is captured via a screen, it creates a feeling in your customers that makes them get to know, like and choose you. This, for me, means that all entrepreneurs can not only see themselves as precisely, entrepreneurs, but start to see themselves as marketers.

Whether it’s through your website and search engine optimization, advertising and sem, email or through social media, it’s time to put your business in the game for customers’ attention as they scroll past in their feeds. In this blog post, we give you the quick insight into what digital marketing is, so that you get a clearer picture of how to work with online marketing as a tool in your arsenal in the war for the few seconds of attention you get.

Digital marketing is the process of creating and publishing for the online channels you are on, with the intention of strengthening and spreading your brand to ultimately reach customers who can benefit from your products or services.

What do these channels mean, These digital channels can include paid advertising through social media advertising (ppc), organic search results on google or email marketing, to name a few, but more on that below. By using a combination of these channels, you reach your target group and begin marketing’s rule, the building of a deeper relationship with your potential customers. It can be hard to believe that it is possible to build relationships online – you never meet. An analogy i recently received from a psychologist made this clear to me.