Improving your SEO tactics with the help of content marketing video analysis Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to be around a lot this year and the use of the buzz word doesn’t seem to be stop and either does video or more specifically video for marketing on YouTube or even one of the MANY other platforms out there. So will these entire buzzwords flying about the people might as well get to know how two hot topics can help each other in help you! As more and more businesses start to develop their own videos to increase consumer engagement, it is important to think about how video can also support your SEO strategy – done correctly; it can make a real difference.

So here goes how to improve your search ranking through video:

1. The Key is Relevancy

Relevancy within any video made is the key to succeed at online pokies with EVERYTHING (ok so not everything but you get the point).Search engines like Google (who own YouTube in case you didn’t already know) rank listing on the very premise: ‘what is the best asset that should be shown of a particular search query?’If your video whatever it maybe on answers that question you’re on to a good start and if you’re not too sure if it does don’t worry it all starts with understanding YOUR customers. It all comes back to your customers or potential customers what will they be searching for? What are their concerns? What do they want?

2. it’s Not All about the Search Engines

As a content producer your primary goal should be in-line with the businesses/brands aims or mission statement by serving customers with interesting and engaging video content the rest will soon fall into place. I know it sounds weird in a post tasking about how to improve your SEO with video but it doesn’t matter in your listing in Google is super optimized or even be in the top 3 search results, none of that matters if the viewer don’t like the video. If the content of the video is rough around the edges or contains more content and is not of interest to the audience you set out to engage with then all the hard work you put into ‘Optimizing’ has been lost. The quality of the content is an important factor in the success of you video and therefore what customer do with the content in your video e.g. buying from the business/brand or moving on to a potential competitor in the same market.

3. Analyze the data

You knew this was coming sooner at real money online slots or later but only because it’s a crucial factor in optimizing your listing. How are you meant to measure success without know and fully understanding the data that is already out there to then improve the numbers? YouTube offers tools to help with this, as its most likely the place where your video is hosted (after all they don’t call it the 2nd largest search engine behind its owner for nothing). The tool it called YouTube Analytics Basics, And you guessed it offers the owner the ability to read and monitor the videos that have been uploaded to the internet behemoth and monitor channel performance too. Fully understanding these numbers increases the likelihood that you will improve your listings strength and ranking.

Other features included are view counts, traffic sources (to help with the all-important question of where are these visitors coming from) along with how only the average viewer watch the videos for and the most popular videos if you have more than one. Now it’s not just about YouTube although this is the most common and most powerful because as you know Google and all that. Facebook the other internet behemoth and largest social network with up to 1 billion unique users on the website at any one time has also recently been playing in the video market. With a reported that 2x as many users now watch video via the platform, they have upped their video analytics efforts with a similar tool to YouTube’s.