Companies that buy space in blogs and other social media must inform the blogger about the rules for advertising. But both the company and the blogger are responsible for the advertising. If the rules are not followed, both can suffer.

The consumer agency has produced a guide to help those who blog and write in other social media to do the right thing in terms of advertising. The guidance is aimed at you who promote a company’s activities or products on your blog or in other social media. The guidance gives you advice on what to consider so that you comply with the law.

Advertising identification in social media

The consumer agency has carried out a thematic review of posts on social media. Deficient advertising markings are the consistent impression after the review.

There are high demands for clarity in advertising newzealandcasinos which is identification in social media where personal opinions are mixed with commercial elements. It must be easy for the consumer to quickly see the difference. The fact that an influencer wants to create a confidential and close relationship with his followers must not mean that he risks breaking the marketing law by hiding things that are advertising.

Marketing’s training package for companies is tailored based on the needs and challenges that exist in the marketing organization, with the buyer’s perspective. The learning method is developed to ensure implementation and knowledge enhancement for the entire team.

This is how it works:

You choose yourself whether you want one theme or combine several. In each theme, you can choose from selected webinars, digital micro-courses and certifications, recommended articles and teacher-led lessons at your location. If you choose one or two themes, these will be planned immediately in collaboration with you. If you choose to have three or four themes, we make an annual plan together to get the best possible development.

Guidance on marketing in blogs

For those of you who have planned and implemented marketing communications and want to refine your strategic thinking and tools. In the training, we go through the importance of a result-focused marketing communication plan and how we should make trade-offs between strategic and tactical communication.

You gain a deeper understanding of how customers are affected by communication and how this is translated into practical work. The training works well for both b2c and b2b.

It’s all about getting as much power out as possible from Today, it is a challenge not to get completely caught up in the tactics of conversion focus. In the training, we look up and see how we can reason about our balance between communication that should drive sales in the short and long term. We go through what results from binet & fields about the distribution mean and whether it really applies to you. When should you overinvest in sales promotion or branding.