It is important to be seen no matter how big or small your business is. Although you may be thinking about digital marketing on social media, physical marketing is also very important. Therefore, marketing on everything from binders, to pens and sweets can be relevant for your company. In addition, there are other creative ways for your business to be seen.

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Products with the company’s logo can create a sense of pride and also be useful for communicating the company’s visual identity? Therefore, you can get employees to associate the company with something positive if, for example, you expose the company logo on various things and clothes that the employees can receive as gifts. Your company is perceived in different ways externally by customers and internally by employees.

It is always important to protect the personality of the brand. Whether it’s notepads, business cards, you can also be more creative with the logo of real money online casinos on things that create more emotion. When you have the logo on company candy and balloons, it can more easily be associated with positive feelings that are usually experienced in more festive contexts.

When you promote a product or service in blogs and other social media, it must be clearly stated that it is advertising. The rules are the same regardless of whether the advertising is done in social media, television or newspapers.

The marketing act is strict and prohibits hidden marketing. It is forbidden to advertise in social media without making it clear that it is advertising. When a post in, for example, a blog, a YouTube clip or on Facebook is advertising, this must be made clear to everyone who reads the post. You can show it in different ways, for example by saying advertisement.

Regardless of which you choose, the best payout casinos requirement is that the labeling must be clear. It must also be immediately apparent that it is marketing. Putting a tag at the bottom of the post is not enough. The reason is that the reader should be able to quickly understand that there is an underlying purpose to sell a product.

If the advertisement appears outside advertising space in a place that is not normally intended for advertising, the requirement for clarity is even stricter. That is, everywhere where you don’t expect advertising, in a column, in a blog or in a film.

It is also expressly prohibited to give fake reviews or commission someone to write fake reviews.

It is advertising when you are paid for your post or if you have received products and services for free in exchange for promoting them. If there is a mission from the company, it is marketing.

It is also advertising if you make money by posting links to product information or to a web shop. In all these cases, you must inform the reader that what is written is marketing – otherwise it counts as hidden marketing, which is not allowed.