There are several insurance policies that can help you create financial security. In this article, we go through four insurance covers that may be good to review, especially during slightly more uncertain times.

A cash register

Perhaps the type of insurance most people are familiar with and more important now than ever to be connected to. It is unemployment insurance where you receive a compensation based on the income you had. When you work, you pay a membership fee to your A fund, should you then become unemployed, you can apply for compensation (in order for you to receive compensation, certain conditions must be met, read more here).

Income insurance

The maximum compensation you can receive as a job seeker is 80 percent of your most recent income. If you earn more than, the A fund does not reach the full compensation, but then income insurance is needed to receive full compensation. An income insurance thus functions as a supplement to the A fund and gives you extra compensation in the event of unemployment. A prerequisite for receiving this compensation is therefore that you have been granted. Most unions offer income insurance or you can take it out on your own.

Health and accident insurance

Should an accident occur, health and accident insurance can provide you with financial help. If you are injured or have a long-term illness, this type of insurance can pay out a compensation amount every month as a supplement to the money you receive. You can also receive compensation if you suffer an injury that never heals. Read more about health insurance here .

Loan protection

A loan protection is exactly what it sounds like, an insurance protection linked to a loan. The insurance covers the payment of the loan if you were to suffer illness or become unemployed and thus unable to pay yourself, and also protects your relatives in the event of your death. The protection is limited to a certain amount and for a certain time.

When you take out a loan with us, loan protection is included for the first three months. After three months, you can choose whether you want to extend or terminate your loan protection. It is reported in a percentage so that it will be easy for you as a customer to compare between different offers. It can be good to ensure that there is little difference between the interest rate and the effective interest rate to avoid large additional fees.