That’s How You Travel Affordably


Do you want to make an affordable trip? Here we list the pros and cons of different means of transport, so you can make a smart choice for both your wallet and the environment. Depending on where you are going to travel, there are different means of transport that may be relevant. Your destination also determines what will be the cheapest or most affordable.

Flights – affordable for longer journeys

If you are going to travel outside of europe, flying is probably the cheapest means of transport. But remember to be out in good time when you book a flight, because the price usually increases as the departure date approaches. There is no getting away from the fact that flying is the means of transport that generates the most carbon dioxide emissions, but sometimes there are no other alternatives. If you want to reduce the climate impact of your trip, you can advantageously choose an airline that uses bio-fuel and that compensates for the climate. We also recommend that you get collector bank’s easy living credit card before your trip abroad. With this card, cancellation protection is included on your trips, you avoid the costly currency surcharge , and you can also connect the card to sas eurobonus.

Bus – practical package trips within the country

Are you going on holiday within the country? Then the bus can be a good choice. Today, there are many package trips by bus that include accommodation at the final destination. You can probably save a few pennies here. If you take the bus instead of driving your own car, you also save on more expenses than fuel costs, for example wear and tear costs that can accelerate the need for expensive repairs or service. Taking the bus and carpooling is also better from an environmental point of view.

Trains – pleasant journeys within and outside

Like the bus, the train is an affordable option if you are going to make a domestic trip. If your final destination is within europe, the train is also a possible option, especially if you want to make a substantial carbon dioxide saving. Unfortunately, it is often several times more expensive to take a train out of europe than to fly.

To find the cheapest train tickets, you should be out in good time and compare different departures and ticket types. Inconvenient times such as early morning or late evening are often cheaper. Sometimes first class tickets can be the cheapest ticket type as demand drives the price, so check this as well.

Car – choose your own or rent?

As i said, driving to your destination involves more expenses than just the cost of fuel. Therefore, it can be a good idea to combine different means of transport. Maybe you can take the train as far as possible, and then rent a car?

If you choose to rent the car with collector bank’s easy living credit card , you won’t have to pay a high excess if something were to happen to the vehicle, as excess elimination is included. If you use a credit card for payment, you also avoid having the deposit for the rental car reserved in your regular bank account with your own money. In short, there are many advantages to renting a car with a credit card.

Regardless of which mode of transport you choose, it is smart to book the trip with a credit card. Easy living gives you up to 56 interest-free days on your purchases, which means you can be out in good time and book tickets or a rental car when the price is at its best. You make the payment when the invoice arrives. When traveling, a number of other benefits are also included, such as travel insurance and cancellation protection.

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