The fundamental difference between online or online banking and mobile banking is that online banking can be used on almost any smart device with an internet browser. Mobile banking, on the other hand, works through a mobile application that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. The mobile application required by the mobile ticket bank can be downloaded free of charge to a smartphone or tablet from the app store. Please note that the device must be updated in order for the applications to work and be installed.

Use of mobile banking

In principle, the mobile application can handle daily banking matters, but not necessarily investments, opening an account, loans, insurances, or the password application. However, this is bank-specific and the applications are constantly evolving. Using mobile banking requires that you are also an online banking customer and that you have a smart device that is supported by the mobile banking application. In this regard, it is a good idea to inquire with your own bank. Some banks may provide advice and guidance on using online and mobile banking. Ask your bank for this!

Safety in use

When using the mobile bank, you may have to create a new permanent password for the mobile bank. Using the application may also require the security settings of the smart device, such as screen lock or access code, to be enabled. Some banks also offer the possibility of fingerprint or facial recognition, depending on the features of your smart device. However, confirming payments in mobile bank requires entering a code number.

In principle, mobile applications can be considered safer than online banks. The applications have been developed by banks and their connection to online banking is encrypted. However, from the point of view of data security, it is important that the mobile device is updated, protected and that it is used carefully in a secure network connection.

The many features of mobile banking

The features of mobile banks vary from bank to bank, but they often make their users’ everyday life easier. With the application, you can, for example, contact the bank via chat or video, find the nearest bank branch or ATM. In addition, you can use various verification services to ensure that the incoming call is from the bank, get a notification service about an incoming invoice or use a bar-code reader when paying invoices. Please note that the features of mobile applications vary from bank to bank. Check out your own bank’s mobile application!