Before Renovating Your Kitchen

There are some things that can be smart to decide before you start your kitchen renovation – in this article we list five of them. One of the first things you should review before a renovation is your family’s needs and plan based on that.

Plan based on needs

What in the kitchen are you happy with today and what needs to change? What in the kitchen is used the most, how much storage and work surfaces do you want? These are important questions that set the foundation for the kitchen. Based on them, you can then choose the trend and technology. Another important aspect is, of course, to plan smartly based on your budget. If you have a smaller budget, it may be enough to make small updates such as changing doors and handles, while a larger budget gives the opportunity for a major renovation.

How do you want to use the kitchen?

If the kitchen is a place where you want to gather and spend a lot of time with family and friends, then perhaps large open spaces with lots of work space are preferable. If the kitchen is instead a place you want to keep simple, the focus should be on function. It’s easy to overestimate the size of your kitchen, so think through as many options as possible before you start.

Think long-term

Since there are so many choices and possibilities, it is important to have a plan of how you want it for a long time to come, so that it is good from the beginning. A plan from start to finish. What is your starting position? Are you going to keep the kitchen’s current layout or is the idea to knock down a wall or move the interior around to improve the work flow? The choices you make now are something you will have to live with for a while, so it is important to think as long-term as possible.

Invest in function?

As much as you want the kitchen to be homely, it needs to be functional and easy to clean. Think a few extra times about where you want lamps and lights, electricity, and sockets. And don’t skimp on function. When the budget is to be distributed, function is something that should have a cost. Invest in a proper sink, a quiet dishwasher, energy-efficient white goods and quality finishes. It will be grateful in the long run.

Create the right workflow with the triangle

It will be more fun and above all easier to cook if the floor plan and the location of the central parts of the kitchen are well thought out. In kitchen renovations, there is often talk about the work triangle, which involves creating a kitchen that is easier to work in and which is also visually nicer. With the triangle, you plan so that the central working parts of the kitchen, i.e. Stove, refrigerator and sink, are easy to reach. You reduce the risk of spilling things on the way to the oven and have easy access to utensils when needed. Many experts believe that precisely the work triangle is the secret behind a successful kitchen.