Which destination you choose obviously plays a huge role in the budget. In Europe, we can strike a blow for eastern Europe. You get a lot for your money if you choose to vacation in, for example, Poland , Bulgaria, Latvia , Hungary or Albania. In Asia you can also get a lot for your money, in for example India, Malaysia or the Philippines. Feel free to check out the Forex holiday index.

Book the trips yourself, it happens that you find really affordable package tours, but usually it is cheapest to book yourself. Note that this is a job that takes time – especially if you want to keep prices down! It is important to search, search, search. Will it be a little cheaper if you fly down on Wednesday instead of tuesday? What does it cost if you book the hotel directly instead of via the hotel booking site… And vice versa.

Hang on to contacts and ideas, sometimes it can be cheaper (and more fun) to arrange something together. If there are several of you traveling together, you can share the costs of rental car and cabin/apartment/house. Or do you perhaps have a friend who has a house or apartment somewhere that you can visit or rent cheaply? This is of course not about taking advantage of others, but about hanging on to fun and good opportunities. Maybe you can help each other and contribute with different things.

Live cheaply, hotels are not the only possible form of accommodation. If you are traveling by car, you can stay at bed and breakfasts, rent private rooms or stay at a campsite. Almost every small campsite has cabins for rent, where 4-8 people can stay, and where you can also often cook your own food. You can also rent an apartment or house, which also has the advantage of being able to cook your own food. In addition, there are lots of other exciting options, such as coach-surfing or home exchange.

Live cheaply, sure, it’s nice to be able to splurge on the holidays, but it’s not necessary. One of the big expenses is usually restaurant visits. Let lunch be a sandwich on the beach and, if possible, cook many meals yourself (possible if you rent an apartment/cottage or live in a camping vehicle). Shopping is also not necessary. Instead, indulge in cheap pleasures such as lying on the beach (renting a sunbed is not necessary), strolling in parks and visiting sights.

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