Current Status of the eSports Market


This is the estimated market size of e-sports (from the ministry of internal affairs and communications research report on the e-sports industry). Looking at the domestic market size, it is expected to grow rapidly to approximately.

In fact, our company, frontier international has also announced that it will support the esports marketing field in the club activity reform project, a junior high school club activity support program run by ward. Specifically, the computer department in club activity reform project has an e-sports curriculum, and provides curriculum support, venue and equipment support. In the future, we are planning to hold an e-sports tournament specialized for junior high school students.

The e-sports market is steadily increasing in the number of companies participating. Looking back, the esports union was established and started in 2018, which is called the first year of esports, and in 2019, a large-scale world tournament will be held in japan. Also, many new professional teams were established, and the number of athletes active overseas increased. After 2020, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, offline tournaments were unfortunately canceled across the board, but with the advent of the 5g era, the number of online tournaments has increased significantly, and now the e-sports world it can be said that we are entering a new phase.

How eSports distribution should be

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the environment surrounding online has changed dramatically. During the declaration of a state of emergency, the mainstream became online, realizing non-face-to-face and non-contact, in all genres, including business, education, and entertainment. In the midst of this, e-sports is also strengthening its aspect as a single content distributed online from just distribution of offline competitions until then. In the first place, did you often watch e-sports on distribution? It may seem.

It’s true that the tournament was streamed on video distribution sites, but it’s a big change in the sense that there is a demand for how to show it mainly through streaming without spectators. In an era when countless distribution contents are emerging on various video platforms, viewers choose the most interesting entertainment among them. As a result, entertainment competition is expected to intensify in the future. In order for e-sports to develop into more attractive content, it may be necessary to devise and produce different distribution methods than before. In this article, i would like to unravel the points of experience design unique to e-sports and how to improve the user satisfaction index based on recent examples.

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