Documentation at the Walking

The research shows that stress levels are lowered by staying in nature and we recover faster. We get more daylight, which is important to feel good. The research also shows that our thinking activity, and above all creativity, is stimulated. There are studies that show that we solve problems in a more creative way when we move at a walking pace compared to when we are sitting still.

Most meetings work to be held outdoors. But just as with all meetings, good planning and clear goals with what you want to get out of the meeting apply. All participants should also know the purpose and goals. And it must be clear who is responsible for what, for example documenting.

Documentation in particular can feel more difficult to manage outdoors during a walk compared to the meeting room at the office. But it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, you can dictate notes on your phone or write short notes on your mobile. Even large conferences can benefit from being located outdoors for some parts.

After a lecture, it may be that you are divided into smaller groups to discuss questions and that is something that can easily be done outdoors. The advantages of that are that you don’t sit still all the time and get stuffed with information, you get to move outside in daylight.

The boss can show the way

There is a certain fear of seeming less serious when you choose to conduct a walking meeting outdoors instead of in the usual meeting environment indoors. His advice is that more senior managers must dare to show the way to change that attitude. But there are also pitfalls that can mean that the outdoor meeting does not turn out as planned.

Good planning and having clear roles is important. Otherwise, it can happen that you walk and have a good time but forget what you are supposed to do. You also have to think about whether and how the outdoor environment supports the goal of the meeting. Then, of course, the weather is a factor that must be taken into account already in the planning.

You have to have a plan b if the weather gets so bad that it is not possible to be outside. What should you do then. For those who are curious about trying a walking meeting but at the same time unsure whether it works, it is perfectly fine to hurry slowly.