The summer has come and gone and last weekend we already celebrated the end of the summer season. More outdoor training was done during the summer and i still want to think that there would still be enough summer heat left to still be able to train outside from time to time. Here i presented the outdoor gym i built for this summer in the spring. This time i will go through one sample workout in an outdoor gym. For me, these outdoor workouts this summer have mainly worked as high-intensity heart rate boosters.

I have never tried any maximum repetitions, but considered the training more like a certain kind of circuit training and got used to slightly different movements than before. This time i started from a station wagon walk. I put enough weight on the handles and even walked a certain distance back. There would have been about 15-20 steps in one direction.

Next, i pulled the sled the same distance, but of course only in one direction. Pulling was calm, not pulling at speed. It wasn’t really necessary to load the weight onto the sled, because the grass under the sled brought its own resistance. As the third move, i removed the pull rope from the sled and worked the same distance even back. The grip on the sled had to be taken from quite low, so the pushing position was also quite low. As the last movement of the round, i did a chin-up. If other shops didn’t go to the limit, here they did. At the end of each round i just pulled as many jaws as i could pull. I did four laps and i have to admit that the jaws of the last lap were two.

The breaks between movements were no longer than what it took to adjust to be able to do the next movement. Between laps, i took a few minutes’ breather and drank some water. A moderately heavy and high heart rate workout, although i tried to keep it calm and avoid unnecessary rushing. Finally, as a salary, an apple from the tree in your own yard, what could be better than that!

Personal trainer studies with intensive pt start with theory lectures. There were lectures during three weeks four times a week (of course there may be changes here now). The lectures could be attended by the so-called in real time, but the lectures were also recorded. This way you could listen to the lectures when it suited you best. I attended a few lectures live, but i listened to most of them afterwards.

The lectures were very extensive and interesting. Partly also very difficult and challenging. There were e.g. Lectures about working as a pt, human anatomy and physiology, nutrition and nutrition counseling, training programming and planning, bio-mechanics, mobility and body care, stress and sports injuries, biochemistry, marketing and sales. That is, a very broad whole.

The theory tests are done online and you can do them at any point you feel like it. I made them myself rather quickly after the lectures. I was very nervous about the theory exams, because there were many parts in them and i had 10 days to pass all the exams. The theory exams were divided in the same way as the lectures, so it made it a little easier. There were many questions in the exams, but all were multiple choice questions. There were always 2-4 answer options. You had to get a certain % of the tests correct in order to be accepted. I can honestly say that i didn’t pass nearly all the tests the first time. You can repeat the exam after 12 hours and as many times as you have time / need during the 10 days.