How to Choose a Cardigan Outfit


A favorite cardigan that is too good to enjoy just by putting it on. How about layering it with a coat in the cold season? This time, we would like to introduce you to an outfit that combines a cardigan and a coat to keep you warm and look great. A thin high-gauge knit cardigan with a smooth texture that can be buttoned up and used as a top. The buttons are a nice accent, so you don’t have to worry about it getting cut even if you layer it with a voluminous coat.

The low-gauge cardigan, which is a seasonal item, will look bulky if you wear a tight-fitting coat, so you can use it as a layering coordination with a coat that you can throw over your shoulder. The long cardigan under the coat has a length that protrudes slightly from the coat for a well-balanced finish. You can wear it stylishly by using similar colors or colors that do not interfere with each other. From here, we will introduce the layered coordination of a cardigan and a coat.

Striped top, gray cardigan, brown chester coat and denim. By arranging all standard items, you can create a sophisticated urban atmosphere. At first glance, it looks like a masculine outfit, but by adding a soft touch around the face with fur nude, you can feel a casual femininity. If you fasten all the buttons on the bright red cardigan, it will quickly turn into a top. Under a collarless coat that doesn’t clutter the collar, the buttons fit in like a pattern.

The bottom can be removed with denim for an off-style look. If you upgrade it with a tight skirt, it will be useful for business occasions. Layered with a khaki shirt dress and an ivory knitted cardigan. In the middle of winter, when that alone is not enough to keep you warm, a brown coat will give you a total balance. By putting khaki on the bottom, there is an effect that it does not become too heavy. The appearance will change even if the order of layering is different, so let’s consider the order in consideration of sharpness.

Layering a long cardigan and long coat will look better with a gradation coordination of similar colors. Instead, use a stronger contrast with the inner layer to give the layered item a sense of unity. The length is slightly overhanging to emphasize the existence of a long cardigan! The bottom is basically pants, but denim or tapered pants are also suitable. The light gray wool coat that shines at night brightens your face with its beautiful color. The use of fur around the neck and hands also creates a feminine atmosphere, making it perfect for a date outfit. Wearing a knit in a beautiful color will add a mature and cute atmosphere.

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