Money During the Holiday

During holiday periods, it is easy to incur slightly higher costs than usual. In this article, we go through what you can do to keep track of your holiday cash, as well as tips on fun and cheap activities.

How did your finances look last summer?

Review last summer’s finances to evaluate what worked well and what didn’t. Is there anything you wish the money had been enough for? Once you have a better overall view of what your money was spent on, it is much easier to create a budget to stick to.

Get a handle on the current situation

When you’ve got an overview of the previous year, it’s good to write down all the fixed expenses you have today – and based on that create a budget for how much you can actually spend during this year’s holidays.

Buffer for unforeseen events

Unfortunately, unexpected events can appear when you least expect it. Then it can be safe to have budgeted a savings for just that so that the holiday fund is not affected and you are forced to live frugally after the holiday. If you haven’t had time to save up a buffer, our credit card can be an alternative. When you shop with our credit card, all your purchases are collected on one invoice that you pay at the end of the month, instead of each purchase being deducted directly from your bank account. In addition, some benefits and insurances are included.

Cycling holiday

Once you’ve set a budget, it’s important to find summer activities that are fun but not too expensive. According to the latest restrictions, you can travel within borders, so take the opportunity to discover nearby cities from the bike. Maybe visit one of nature reserves? Cycling instead of taking the car is a much cheaper and more environmentally friendly option and you don’t have to go far to get to bike-friendly roads. You either bring a tent that you can spend the night in or stay at a cozy hostel. Another option is to combine car and bicycle. Hang the bike on the back of the car and when you arrive at the destination, leave the car and explore from the bike.

Change accommodation or rent out

Don’t you want to travel around but still get a bit of a change of scenery? Then a change of residence can be both a fun and cheap option, many times completely free.

If your friends are going away, you can offer to be a housekeeper and live there for a while, or you can swap homes with each other for a period and get to enjoy some new surroundings. A third option is to rent out your accommodation when you are away and thus have the opportunity to earn a penny. Check which rules apply to your accommodation if you rent out your accommodation, it is important to check that the home insurance applies in case something happens while your tenant lives there.