Expose yourself to opportunities and make contacts with working life during your course of study. Even as a new student, there is a lot you can do to explore the labor market and your future career paths. Take advantage of the university’s career portal my career where, in addition to jobs and internships, you also have access to a number of articles with job seeker tips and inspiration for your career. By creating a profile, you also have the opportunity to expose yourself to employers with a chance of being headhunted.

Some ways could be to write an essay in collaboration with an employer, to do an exchange semester abroad or to get involved in a student union. Here we have collected tips on how you can make the most of your study time. You are also welcome to us to share your thoughts and concerns. If you want to gain more insight into possible professional roles and career fields, you can contact professionals in industries that seem interesting and ask them to tell you about their work and the path to it.

Use assignments, projects and essays to explore issues of particular interest to you. By writing your thesis in collaboration with a company or an organization, you also have the opportunity to make contacts and apply your theoretical knowledge in practice. Engage yourself! For example, you can join a student association, help organize an event, take on a position of trust or become a volunteer. In this way, you can gain knowledge and experience while expanding your network and having fun.

International experience gives you language skills, cultural competence and an international network. It can also lead to a competitive advantage in the labor market and shows openness and independence. Take the chance to complete part of your education abroad as an exchange student! Extra jobs and internships equip you with valuable credentials while you get in touch with the labor market. It is also a way for you to try different workplaces.

Don’t stare blindly at the target. Having a plan is never wrong, but those who are too goal-oriented often miss half-open doors along the way. One thing can lead to another, and along the way, opportunities may arise that you didn’t anticipate or plan ahead of time. It doesn’t always go as planned – sometimes it turns out much better.