The World’s Biggest Sporting Event


Kylian MBAPPE of Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and Fabio MIRETTI of Juventus during the UEFA Champions League match between Juventus and Paris at Allianz Stadium on November 2, 2022 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Hugo Pfeiffer/Icon Sport)

In the world of sports there are lots of sporting events but which one is really the biggest? We’ve gone through the biggest sporting events when it comes to viewership. Is it the super bowl that many yankees think? The answer is no to that question, but it is actually a rather unexpected number one on the list. Come along!

The cycling competition is organized annually and is the sporting event that attracts the most television viewers. More than 3.5 billion follow the tour France, which consists of 21 races. Who wins an edition is always exciting to follow and it is not always the favorite according to the betting companies ‘ odds who manages to take home the final title.

There is not much that is as special as the world cup. This is also noticeable when it comes to television viewers. Over 3 billion television viewers followed the wc 2018 daily and during the wc 2022 it will not be less, rather the opposite. Will it be France that defends its world cup gold or will some other nation succeed in this instead? Brazil are favorites and have also won five world cup golds, but England, Germany, Spain and Argentina can do it all.

Cricket is the sport that also attracts billions of viewers when the world cup is held. Visit the odds guru to learn more about cricket and how exciting the sport can actually be. The championship is organized every four years and the next time it’s time is in 2023 in India. 2.6 billion viewers are said to have watched the wc held in England and wales in the year 2019. There are many indications that there will be even more next time.

When it comes to the summer olympics, this is an athlete’s dream. Namely, it is at the summer Olympic games that the world’s athletes settle on collecting medals for their nation. There are a bunch of different sports including beach volleyball, soccer and lots more. The summer olympics will be held in Paris in 2024 and there is usually an average of more than 2 billion television viewers during this huge event. The 2020 (2021) olympics in tokyo might not have been the most fun because no spectators were allowed. But in 2024, we will take new measures for swedish success.

Fifth on the list is the norwegians’ highlight, namely the winter olympics. Therefore, it is also with gambling companies in norway that there is really great interest in the olympic winter games. Sweden has also won many medals in the winter olympics, but it is clearly norway that is superior. But with a dominant swedish national team in sprints and skiers in cross-country skiing, it looks like there will be many swedish medals in the next winter olympics which will be held in milan, italy.

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