Tips for Cheap Plane Tickets

Travel agents are skilled professionals who possess vast expertise in the travel industry. They know the best trips and the very best deals. While they can provide you with all the necessary information and planning for your vacation that will make it unforgettable. Sometimes you might want to rent an apartment in paris long-term or just go to the us for a weekend. So one of the best ways to find cheap travel online is to use a travel agency. However, there are some insider tips to help you get even cheaper tickets from travel agencies. In this article we reveal some of them!

Why book trips online with travel agencies?

The internet has made it easier than ever to order travel online. With a few clicks, you can use a so-called travel aggregate and compare prices and offers online. At the same time, it is possible to book accommodation, travel and flights in one and the same place. So why is it worth using a travel consultant or a tour operator. The main advantage is that travel agencies have a solid knowledge of the travel industry. They can help you, among other things, tailor your trip, as well as find the best flights and hotels according to your budget. In addition, they can give you recommendations and advice, which are based on, for example, their own travel experiences or reviews from previous travelers.

Last but not least, they usually find the best trips at the cheapest prices. Which is because they often buy plane tickets at wholesale prices from the airlines and can resell them to their customers for a lower price. In addition they compare things like price points for different airlines, baggage fees and even travel times for their customers.

Advantages and disadvantages of travel agencies

The travel agency industry has gone through many changes over the past decade. Against the backdrop of tough competition from travel aggregators, they have evolved from being just an agency for booking flights and hotel packages to offering more concierge services and personal service. Below you will find some advantages and disadvantages of booking trips online with travel agencies.


  • Customized packages – they can help you find the best trips according to your personal budget and preferences.
  • Personal service – you have a personal contact at the travel agency that you can contact if you have any questions or encounter problems with your trip.
  • Information and advice – they can assist with important information, including current covid-19 travel restrictions and tips and advice regarding the safety of the country you are visiting.


  • Limited supply – some travel agencies do not cooperate with low-cost airlines such as ryanair and wizzair.
  • Availability – some travel agencies do not have an online service and you can only book with them physically in their office or by phone.
  • Varying expertise – the knowledge between travel agencies may differ from employee to company you choose. For example, some agencies are more focused on charter destinations and others on asia.
  • Insider tip – how to find the best flight tickets and hotels with a travel agency

As mentioned earlier in the article, travel agencies can help you find the best trips at competitive prices for you. But to ensure you get access to the best deals, we’ve put together three insider tips that you can use the next time you use a travel agency.

Ask about their deals – travel agents can negotiate prices with airlines, hotels and other travel suppliers that are not available online. Sometimes they buy hotel nights or plane tickets in bulk and thus get access to special prices. Check with the travel agency first if they have any special collaborations with certain airlines or hotels!

Be flexible – try to be more flexible about both the airport and the trip. Why not choose a flight with a stopover, or search for alternative airports near your destination.

Book in advance – usually the cheapest fares for online travel are available several months before your departure date. A basic rule is not to book the plane tickets too early, but about 2-3 months in advance.