Tips for Cheaper Home Cultivation

Spring is here and it is starting to be time to prepare this year’s plants and plants. In this article you will find smart tricks and savings tips that will make your green fingers itch even more!

Buy seeds instead of plants

Buying ready-made plants can quickly become expensive. Instead, you can save money by buying seeds and growing your plants and seedlings from scratch. If you already have plants, you can also often get new seeds out of them.


Another way to save money and at the same time be kind to the environment is to plant together. Some plants actually do extra well together because they exchange with each other. One plant keeps pests away from another, one can attract pollinators, and a taller plant can shade a sun-sensitive one, which can be good to keep in mind when shopping for your seeds. Consult your local plant dealer or borrow a gardening book from the nearest library.

Alternative to pots

What’s eco-friendly, high in calcium, and the perfect size to put tiny seeds in? Yes, empty eggshells! Save the empty eggshells the next time you use eggs, rinse them and use them as pots. When the shoots have grown, just put the eggshell directly into the soil because the pots are completely compostable.

Compare different prices online

As with so many other things, seeds, planting soil and plant nutrition can also differ a lot if you buy them online compared to in store. In addition, you can place your orders in peace and quiet with the possibility to compare different varieties, add to wish lists, remove and change your mind – and save money! Don’t forget to always use a secure card when shopping, especially online. Read more about how to shop safely online.

Creative watermen

Watering your plants can often be a bit tricky. Either you happen to water too much or you get too little – then there are smart watering alternatives to take advantage of:

Automatic waterer

Fill an empty glass bottle with water and place it upside down in the pot. The water will slowly seep out and thus keep the soil moist. Perfect for plants that need to be watered often or if you need to travel away for a while.

Adequate moisture with the help of a coffee filter

Coffee filters not only work for brewing coffee, but are a perfect water filter in your pots. Keep the inner pot and put a coffee filter in the bottom of the outer pot and it will help retain the moisture, without it getting too wet. The filter also gives the soil more time to absorb the water.

Involve the children

If there are more of you in the family, planting is something that is both fun and educational for the children as well. To learn about nature, to see kernels and seeds grow and to have the responsibility of caring for a plant. Since children are a little more impatient, cress, for example, is good to start with. It’s easy and only takes a day or so before it starts to sprout and just over a week before it can be cut off and put on the sandwich.