One of the gaming companies has its own casino site in online casino with games from various suppliers but also develops its own games. They are a gaming company that is a little different in the casino industry. Yggdragsil is behind the majority of casino games in the video slots category. In addition to being just a slot machine, winnings and free spins are presented with nice music and graphics. A video slot becomes like an awesome adventure that conveys a very cool gaming experience.

The video slot games are a further development of the old honorable one-armed bandit. If you have ever gone on a cruise with you have certainly come across the one-armed bandit. If a one-armed bandit has physical reels on it, a video slot instead displays virtual reels on a screen. The wheels are there according to tradition and something that the casino player recognizes. They are not really needed for the function of the casino game itself because everything is decided by a random generator.

Here the game providers have been innovative and instead of just showing wheels on the pay table, the result of your spin is presented in very different ways. The moment you press the spin button, the win itself is already decided. But instead of just showing the result with a number, it is presented with nice graphics and cool sound. In this way, the casino player is offered an incredible thrill and gaming experience when playing a casino game that is of the video slot type.

The latest technology also allows the game manufacturers to embed video clips in the video slots. For example, you can be greeted by a cool video if you get 3 so-called scatters and win 10 free spins.

Slot machines

Video slots are classified as slot machines and the definition is somewhat vague. But at some casinos, they have, for example, lifted the classic physical one-armed bandit with 3 reels, 7s, bells and bars to a digital world. The somewhat simpler casino games are called slot machines and the more advanced ones are called video slots. Online casinos usually have their own section with the slot machines where you can find the slightly simpler games. Since they usually only have 3 reels, it goes away in every game round. In addition to the classic games and the usual video slots, there are also jackpot games.

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