Busy When You Work from Home

The spread of the coronavirus means that more and more families have to stay at home for a longer period of time. This, in turn, probably means that you will have to work at the same time as keeping the children busy at home. In this article you will find tips on activities the children can have fun with so that you can get as much work done as possible.

Working from home often requires extra discipline, and with children at home, of course, it becomes even more difficult. It is important to make the best of the situation and try to plan the day as best as possible. Fix snacks so it’s ready when the kids want attention, allow a little more screen time than usual and take longer breaks where you focus solely on the kids. Below you will find six different activities, some of which can already be prepared the night before.

Concrete small tasks

To make it easier for children to commit to an activity, it is good to start their imagination through fun and concrete tasks. For example, you can ask them to draw the whole family, all their stuffed animals or anything they wish for as a birthday present. This also works to apply to bead plates, necklaces and other crafts as long as there is a clear goal, bead a star that has different colors on each row.


Ask the children to put together a fun show to perform for you. The children must come up with all the content themselves, such as music, singing, dancing, dressing up and so on. Give them about an hour to prepare (if they need more, that’s fine).

Go treasure hunting

Going on a treasure hunt is very exciting and can be done both indoors and outdoors. A treasure hunt that is extra fun and that all children, regardless of age, can take part in is that’s not where it should be. This particular treasure hunt involves finding the treasure using clues in the form of misplaced things. If the treasure hunt starts in the garden, for example, you can place a shovel on the lawn, but since the shovel shouldn’t actually be there but in the sandbox, the children should go to the sandbox for clue number two. In the sandbox you have then placed a tool that should be in the garage, and in the garage there is a chair cushion that should be on a chair on the balcony, and so on. Finally, the children have found the hidden treasure.

Easter crafts

Easter is fast approaching, so why not get a head start with some crafts already now? Homemade and creative easter decorations are the most fun, so just get out all the empty toilet rolls, glass jars and eggshells and get busy!

Build an obstacle course

If there are old boards and stumps and rubbish from leftover wood, you can instead use these to build a clever obstacle course on the lawn. Lay out rock rings for the children to jump into, place a play tunnel to crawl through and if you have a trampoline, this can also become part of the obstacle course (for example, crawl under).

Test the app that distributes different tasks

You haven’t missed the smart and digital piggy bank gimi, have you? It is an app that teaches children to manage and understand money. The children can post their dreams in the app and carry out various tasks in order to earn money that will bring them closer to their dream.