Dental clinic management software that allows you to control all the organizational aspects of a dental practice: patient appointments, medical records, agenda, billing and much more. Access the information of your clinic from any device, from anywhere and at any time through this dental software.

With the dental clinic management software, it is the easiest way to manage your dental clinic. An indispensable tool for any dentist. In fact, it is currently among the systems for dentists most valued by users. Its ease of use is undoubtedly one of its strengths, and it takes very little time to learn how to use the program. Managing a clinic is now easier than ever.

We have the best dental clinic program, thanks to which you can enjoy different advantages, among which we highlight the following:

You will be able to focus on providing better care to your patients thanks to the fact that you will leave aside the most tedious administration tasks, delegated to the platform.

You will almost completely eliminate paper from work, since, through a program of these characteristics, you can forget about paper and all the analog procedures you have experienced up to now.

Accessible from anywhere: being located, whoever wants to access the program can do so from any point with internet access, as well as any medium (computer, tablet or mobile).

Through different modules, you can incorporate, consult and manage the files related to the activity of the dental center, such as appointments, medical records, odontograms, accounting or possible marketing actions that you can incorporate into your business. In addition, this software for dental clinics analyzes the data and offers detailed productivity statistics with high levels of precision.

The final objective of the resources of our dental software is to achieve an effective saving of time and money, since the administration of the clinic will improve considerably. The dental clinic management program that we offer at clinic will make you focus on what really matters, your patients. You no longer need to have a program to keep the accounts and another to manage medical appointments. With clinic you can do all that and much more. Discover the dental clinic management software you needed.

Medical appointment management confirm, modify and delete medical appointments, avoid overlapping, allow patients to request their appointments through the internet and send them sms reminders.
Creation and management of electronic medical records: you have all the medical history of a patient just one click away, in electronic format and protected by the highest security measures. Find any clinical history instantly.

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