The future is digital. Organizations that want to remain competitive must follow developments and in many cases be leaders in artificial intelligence and big data . Digital technologies must be embraced and transformed into innovative products and services in all sectors.

Technologies group strives to be at the forefront of the digital transformation. Our consultants support decision-makers in all parts of the process of meeting industrial, economic and societal challenges arising from the digital transformation, and exploiting the opportunities that technology provides.

We are constantly adapting and fine-tuning our approaches to help our clients face issues related to the digital transformation in business and entrepreneurship, including digital knowledge and skills as well as financing of digital start-ups. Green economy, sustainable development and digital innovations. Smart cities and digital information, also regionally. As a reliable evaluator of research, innovation and industrial policy, we deliver evidence-based documents and data to decision-makers and business. We assist in setting up new initiatives, follow up activities and evaluate their scientific, economic and societal effects.

We offer a range of services in various areas

We produce numerical data through new and traditional data sources and provide evidence-based information on the use of digital technologies, skills development and financing of information and communication technologies. We value the potential of digital technologies to support a green transformation and monitor environmental effects. We support the development of smart cities and regional strategies that pave the way for the use of digital technologies and test beds for digital and clean technologies.

The boxes are something that companies need to learn to manage in a balanced way in order to have a sustainable and long-term survival. In order to be successful in each box, companies need to develop different skills, working methods and leadership. There are four ways companies can think in order to develop new offers. Each method has a different starting point in relation to current knowledge and assets and therefore also has a different degree of difficulty. Use the company’s current knowledge and assets to develop new offerings in the market in which the company already operates.

Use the company’s current capabilities and assets to establish this in a new market. Develop new knowledge and abilities to create new offerings in the existing market. Develop new knowledge and skills and enter a new market. This is seen as the most difficult of ways to generate new business opportunities.

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