Tablets are also an easy way to let people in a nursing home take part in digital services such as watching programs from open archive, playing games and communicating with relatives. It works well for short words, and has contributed to finding solutions in various situations. But there is clearly a development potential, so that in the long run it will be possible to translate long sentences in a flexible way, she says. Another concrete example of the benefits of digital solutions is offering robotic cats to elderly people with dementia.

They are currently working on developing an application called best way, which calculates the best travel routes in a current felling project. Among other things, it is about avoiding ground damage, but it also gives suggestions on how it is overall most efficient to drive. After all, you have to take the wood out for a road, and when you go back and forth, it can easily be 10–15 miles in the end. Best way calculates the optimal route, which of course directly provides several advantages: it becomes more efficient and fuel consumption is reduced, which in turn makes it cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Reading and remote control

Some other digital tools that are in the works are laser scanners that are worn on the back and automatically provide registration of the forest environment at ground level, but also a service that makes a preliminary assessment of how much and which products can be obtained from a specific area. Another service that is very useful is remote reading in industries. Previously, it was a person who went out and measured to assess the volume coming in. Now the assessment takes place with a camera that is combined with operators sitting remotely and they can cover the whole country.

At the same time, it is important to free up time from the employees with the help of other digital solutions – around administration and various types of practical handling – so that they have the opportunity to devote themselves more to what directly benefits the users.

This increases flexibility and makes it significantly easier to have generous. Remote control of forest machines is also something that will be able to develop significantly in the future, he believes. It will probably not be a question of controlling them from a completely different location, but it is enough if an operator is nearby and manages several machines in parallel. You can let a self-propelled machine take care of some moments, and then you plug in and control only when necessary.