The latest trends in commercial architecture not only think about what is aesthetically correct and visually attractive, but also about creating emotions and sensations that allow us to improve customer shopping experiences.

That is why the construction of shopping centers and retail stores has been greatly influenced by styles inspired by the architecture and culture of the cities where they are located.

These types of trends are those that have promoted the good positioning of the largest shopping centers and retail stores around the world, becoming today a topic of conversation and a source of inspiration when building these leisure and commerce spaces, such as we detail it below.

Shopping malls and retail stores are changing

It would be a mistake to assume that the construction trends of shopping centers and retail stores are changing on their own, since what has made them evolve for the better is that the ways of buying and consuming have taken a radical turn, demanding greater experiences. Sensory, ecological, sustainable and technological.

Commercial architecture is the point where the needs of all the parties that make up life in a shopping center or retail store converge, complement each other, and satisfy each other from the moment of its construction. Both consumers, customers and the general public, as well as the promoters, architects, owners and employees of these establishments get their place within the business.

The future is full of trends in commercial architecture for the construction of retail stores and shopping centers characterized mainly by a boom in green and outdoor areas, ecological and sustainable, as well as spaces for work, entertainment and sporting events. Now, the objective of these establishments is not and will not only be to sell, but to retain customers who feel comfortable buying, recommending and returning.

The trends in commercial architecture that stand out the most in malls and retail stores

Lifestyle centers

Among the latest trends that have taken over the construction of these spaces, it is very common to come up with names such as lifestyle centers or mixed-use developments that, as its name indicates, do not have the objective of only housing stores, but rather that we can get from clinics to residential complexes, all in one place.

Youth and children’s areas

Likewise, another trend that will dominate the future of the construction of shopping centers and retail stores is the human playground, which includes spaces dedicated to fun, adventure, youth sports and areas for children.

Spaces with innovative technologies

We can also highlight augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. Added to this, we highlight 360º user experiences, offering individual and personalized experiences.

Unified businesses

They are commercial premises that combine e-commerces and retail stores, so that they offer solutions for the purchase of their products in both ways and with specially dedicated spaces for collecting them, which is known as pick-up.

In short, investing in commercial architecture, in design, technology and construction is the new ticket for positioning the shopping centers and retail stores of the future, since it means satisfying the demands of new customers and consumers who are eager to have innovative and quality experiences.

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