Book a Trip – Think About This!


After over a year of travel being suspended, many travel companies have now opened their doors and there are trips to book this summer. But what rules apply to travel and what should you consider when booking?

Check the destination’s specific restrictions

All countries have different restrictions and rules, so you should check what applies to your particular destination. Stay well informed about the entry regulations at your destination and follow the advice and instructions of the local authorities well on the spot. It is also important to bear in mind that various travel restrictions can be introduced at short notice, which can affect your ability to travel home.

Plan for a worse situation

When you book a trip, you should plan for the spread of infection in that country to change quickly and affect your trip home. If camp turns out to be such that you are not allowed to go home and thus need to stay away longer than planned, you may have to arrange new accommodation and transport home yourself. Before a journey home, there may also be requirements for quarantine and presentation of a negative test. Even these requirements may change while you are abroad.

Obtain the certificates required by the destination

Some countries require you to show a valid and negative certificate to be allowed to travel into the country, or alternatively show that you are vaccinated.

Double check the booking conditions

As always when you book a trip, it is important to look carefully at the booking conditions and what they cover. These may differ somewhat from different companies. Double check with your tour operator what applies if they cancel a trip, will you get your money back?

It is important to distinguish between different protections and understand what they mean. A cancellation/cancellation cover is included with some home insurance policies and credit card companies. Such protection applies, for example, if you yourself or someone else in your travel party becomes ill before departure and therefore has to cancel. It does not apply if you are worried and want to cancel, or if there is a travel interruption. To be able to cancel without reason, you need to add other protections.

Get greater security with a package tour

If you book a package trip (instead of flights only), you have a greater opportunity to cancel under the conditions that the ministry of foreign affairs advises against traveling to a certain location. This is because all companies that sell package holidays must have a travel guarantee. Should the travel company you booked with go bankrupt, you can instead receive compensation through it.

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