Find an Affordable Trip This Winter


How do you go about finding an affordable trip this winter. Are you one of those who want to travel abroad, but haven’t booked a trip yet. It is becoming more difficult to find affordable and good trips, but it is not yet completely over. Here are our top tips for finding travel this winter at a reasonable price.

Book smart for cheap tickets, there are a number of ways to get cheap tickets for the trip abroad. If you can travel in low season and avoid the school holidays, it will always be cheaper. Other classic tips are to travel at inconvenient times (such as the middle of the night) or on days when others may not want to travel (such as Christmas eve or new year’s eve).

Travel last minute, do you not need to plan so far in advance and the exact destination is not so important? Last minute trips can be heavily discounted and offer the chance to get into the sun quickly. When i checked at ving and at tui, for example, i found last-minute tickets to thailand, egypt, cyprus, cape verde, madeira and the canary islands.

Choose an affordable destination, finding affordable destinations for sun holidays in the middle of winter is always a challenge as you actually have to travel quite a distance to find warmth. A classic is of course the canary islands, where there are several different islands and many different destinations to choose from. Egypt is also usually reasonably priced and it may be worth checking out this year’s rocket.

Choose a destination with a mild climate, sun and beach holiday in all its glory, but it can also be nice to take a break from the real cold and visit a country with a slightly milder climate. Europe does not offer many destinations for sun and swimming in the winter, but if you are content with walking in 15-degree heat, you can visit malta or the costa del sol in spain, for example.

Choose a cold destination, of course it’s great to travel to the warmth in the winter, but a big part of the point of traveling is to get a break from everyday life and do something completely different. If you can’t find an affordable trip to the heat, you can invest in a trip to an interesting and pleasant big city. Shopping, cozy restaurants and maybe a little spa bath don’t have to feel wrong. For example, we can recommend visits to riga or budapest.

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