China Harshly Censors the World Cup


World, European and Asian championships are organized for the sport, among others. The players of the sport have also sought a place in the Olympics. In the United States, there are even tens of thousands of fans of the sport.

TV pictures of the World Cup have only added fuel to the flames. The television channels broadcasting the Games in China have censored the broadcasts, apparently at the behest of the state leadership.

Mark Dreyer , a journalist reporting from China, raised the issue on the social media service Twitter. He shared reference videos from China and BBC broadcasts.

The British broadcasting company sometimes showed spectators in the pictures, but in the Chinese version, close-ups of coaches or players. For example, after Croatia scored a goal on Sunday, the rest of the world saw the wild celebration of Croatian fans, the Chinese a close-up of the team’s coaches.

The reason for the picture choices of Chinese broadcasts is the viewers’ lack of masks. In recent weeks, China has only tightened its corona quarantine discipline, while practically everywhere else the world has already moved to the post-corona era.

For the Chinese state, images of a dense mass of people without masks are the worst possible material. Although the totalitarian state has made free access to information difficult, it is not impossible.

The fire started the riots Demonstrations grew to a record size on weekends. The measure of Chinese citizens was filled as a result of the tragedy in the city of Urumqi.

We want freedom – China’s protests spread

According to the Washington Post, at least ten people died in the fire. According to the newspaper, the rescue work was not carried out properly due to corona measures. It is said that the emergency exits of the apartment building were also locked so that people could not escape the corona restrictions through them.

There is widespread dissatisfaction with the corona measures in China. People have been forced to spend time indoors in isolation, even when food and water have run out. It is said that the family members even had to share the living space with relatives who have already passed away, because they are not allowed to leave or enter the apartments that have been placed in isolation.

The protests have demanded the resignation of Chinese leader Xi Jingping.

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