The sport inspired by the Harry Potter book series is changing its name. The sport’s leading organizations, US Quidditch and Major League Quidditch, announced the matter on Tuesday. The matter was also reported by, for example, The New York Times. The new name of the sport is quadball instead of the former quidditch. Quadball would be freely translated into fourball. However, fourball is an already existing golf term, so a different will be introduced for the wizarding sport, if the term ends up being changed.

The sports organizations already stated in the press release that the previous name is associated with strict trademark restrictions, and with the name change, the sport will be practiced more freely and, for example, it will be easier to enter into sponsorship agreements.

They also want to further differentiate the real-life climax from JK Rowling’s book series and the author herself. Rowling has been embroiled in controversy in recent years for her offensive comments against trans people.

Our sport has a reputation as one of the most progressive sports in the world in terms of gender equality and non-discrimination. Both organizations feel it is essential that they remain worthy of their reputation in all aspects of their operations. This decision is a step in that direction, the organizations’ press release states.

In the books and films of the Harry Potter series, hoospa is played on a broomstick high in the air with four balls. The implementation of the real-life sport is slightly different, although it follows the original.

The sport has three hoops at different heights, through which players must hit the ball. Some of the players try to disturb the opposing goal scorers by throwing balls at them. One protects the goal rims, and one tries to catch the catcher runner. A catcher runner is an impartial official who dangles a catcher from the back of his playing pants.

Each online marketing player has a broom, i.e. a stick about a meter long, between their legs. There are six to seven players on the field at any one time, of which a maximum of four may be of the same gender.

On its pages, MLQ uses familiar terms from the book series about players and balls, such as group, catcher and chaser. However, the organization warns that the names may be changed later.

Huispaus is played all over the world. The sports activities of the real-life sport began in 2005.

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