Steps If You Want to Travel


How can you afford to travel so much. It’s a question that travel bloggers (and other insistent travelers) often get asked. We have traveled a lot ourselves and also talk a lot and often with other experienced travelers. Based on these experiences, we now present some steps for you who want to travel (more).

Can everyone afford to travel

No, not everyone can afford to travel. You can, of course, find yourself in a financial situation where, of necessity, you have to prioritize completely different things than travel. However, we believe that many people can afford to travel more than they do today. We don’t necessarily mean that everyone should do it – it’s about a priority in life. But if you feel like you would like to travel more, then we present 10 steps for you to follow. Do you have any more tips on how to afford travel.

Prioritize, you can’t have everything in this world. In any case, it is a truth that applies to most of us. To begin with: think about what you really want to prioritize. Is it travel. In that case, you may have to prioritize other things. Change to a smaller home or move to a cheaper residential area. Get rid of the summer house/boat/car… Or you come to the conclusion that the flat in town/garden/summer house is more important than traveling – and of course that’s also ok!

Reduce your expenses, this point is related to point number 1, but also applies to smaller expenses. Is it possible to reduce expenses for internet or electricity by switching companies? Can you settle for the basic range of tv channels? Is there an insurance company that offers cheaper insurance compared to what you have today? Can you bring a lunch box to work instead of eating at a restaurant, etc.

Increase your income, this point is not always so easy, but it may be worth a try! Can you change jobs to get a higher salary or take an extra job on the side. Can you bring in extra income through your blog or website. Do you have stuff in the storage/basement/garage that you can sell via blocker. Can you rent out your home while you’re out and about.

Save, when you have gone through points 1-3, you have hopefully reached the possibility of putting away some money every month. Set aside a separate account for the savings that you call travel, so that you are not tempted to use the money for other things.

Travel in low season, this can be difficult if you are traveling with children or if your job gives you limited opportunities to choose vacations, but if you have the opportunity: travel in the low season. It is not only the plane tickets that will be cheaper. Just about everything on site tends to drop in price: hotels, campsites and excursions, for example.

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